Dealing With A Dental Emergency?

We offer emergency dental services in Surfside Beach, SC Near Myrtle Beach, SC

If you're experiencing tooth pain, swelling or anything unusual in your mouth, it's critical to contact Tidelands Dental in Surfside Beach, SC right away to set up emergency dental services. We'll get you an appointment as soon as possible so that we can assess the problem and establish a customized care plan to resolve the issue.

Don't delay if you have a dental emergency - contact us at 843-650-4500 now to arrange for emergency dental services.

4 reasons you may need emergency dental care

4 reasons you may need emergency dental care

Pain, swelling or bleeding in your mouth isn't something to ignore. All of these issues may suggest that there are other, more serious, underlying problems. Reach out to us if your...

1.Tooth hurts badly
2.Dental crown breaks
3.Tooth was knocked out
4.Gums or jaw are suddenly swollen

Our experienced dentists will resolve your dental emergency as soon as we can.